Fire safety

Taking the risk of fire seriously is very important to protect residents and communities.

Bracknell Forest Homes works in close partnership with the Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service (RBFRS), Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service (HFRS), and Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service (OFRS) to give advice about fire prevention and fire safety. Information leaflets have been sent to all our customers and fire prevention tips are regularly published in the Spotlight newsletter. More information is available by clicking here (RBFRS website)here (HFRS website) or here (OFRS).

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Information leaflets

Please click below for fire safety information leaflets (provided by Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue):

Communal halls

The NEAT carries out regular checks and fire risk assessments to reduce the risk of fires and advise residents of precautions to take. We check communal hallways for obstacles and items that may pose a fire risk, for example buggies and mobility scooters. Our approach is that nothing is left in communal hallways. This helps reduce fire risk and keeps the hallways neat and clear.

In the event of a fire

  • If the fire is in your flat, alert others in the flat, leave the flat immediately, close the door behind you and raise the alarm
  • If a fire starts in the common parts, anyone in these areas makes their way out of the building and summons the fire and rescue service
  • If the fire is elsewhere in the block: Anyone in the communal areas can make their way out of the building and raise the alarm to the fire and rescue service. All other residents not directly affected by the fire would be expected to stay put and remain in their flat unless directed to leave by the fire and rescue service or until the fire brigade takes control of the situation and evacuates residents safely but if you feel you are at risk from fire, please feel free to self-evacuate using the main fire escape route or alternative balcony escape route
  • Please report any incidents to Bracknell Forest Homes or in the case of emergency, call 999.

Fire safety checks

The Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service also offer free home fire safety checks to help reduce the risk of fire. At a pre-arranged time, the RBFRS will visit your home to carry out a fire safety check, give you advice on what to do if there’s a fire and help you make an escape plan. They will also fit free smoke alarms where necessary. Please click here for more information and to book a free fire safety check (RBFRS website).

If you see a fire please call 999 and ask for the fire service.

Test it Tuesday

Stay safe and take the time to test your fire alarm on a regular basis.

Test your fire alarm regularly reminder Test it Tuesday







Fire safety videos

Please watch the video below to see the devastating effect and speed which a fire can take hold.