Universal Credit is coming

Latest news - Universal Credit is coming

  • Bracknell - May 2018

  • Hart - October 2018.

You can claim Universal Credit if you are:

  • Working age
  • On a low income or not in work 
  • Not in full time education or training
  • Have less than £16,000 savings.

We can help you prepare for Universal Credit. You'll need to:

  1. Have a bank account for Universal Credit payments to be paid into

  2. Draw up a monthly budget because you'll have to manage all your incomings and outgoings

  3. Put your rent account into credit because Universal Credit will be paid in arrears at the end of each month and there will be up to seven weeks wait for the first payment

  4. Have internet access, for example on a laptop, smartphone or tablet to apply and manage claims. If you need help getting online, please contact us or the local JobCentre Plus.

Contact our money advisors for help with claims and information about benefits.

Benefits and money advice

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Benefits and money advice

Pile of money and calculator for savingBracknell Forest Homes offers a free benefits advice service. The service aims to advise tenants and leaseholders of the exact benefits they may be eligible for and how to claim them.

Our Money Advisors will visit you at your home or at Bracknell Forest Homes' office. All information given is treated in strict confidence.

Bracknell Forest Homes' money advice team helps around 1,700 customers access nearly £500,000 in benefits each year. Free benefits advice helped customers to find out what benefits they may be entitled to and how to complete the forms, which has really made an impact on their lives.

One pleased customer did not know she was eligible for benefits but was concerned about her financial situation. She had not been in arrears with rent or council tax, but before Christmas worried she would not be able to buy presents for friends and family. Since the session with our benefits advisors, the customer has been able to access some benefits which have helped her to be more than £200 a month better off.

Another happy customer said: “We cannot thank the benefits advisors enough for the extra benefits they managed to get us. It will make a difference to our lives.”

What is Universal Credit

Worried about paying rent - Money Advice Service

Benefits and money advice contact information

For more information about benefits, money advice and help with claims, please contact:

Amelia Rowe, Money Advisor

Telephone: 01344 382800

Email: amelia.rowe@bracknellforesthomes.org.uk